Enable business users to exploit the analytic potential of complex data sets and explore different data sources

Create visualizations to explore data, based on any variety of measures, and uncover underlying patterns in data

and share insights with anyone, via the web or mobile devices, all at ease of use and fast speed.

Visual interactive dashboards and reporting.

Users can analyze, visualize and see the relationships in your data:

  • Built customized dashboards for your business
  • Visualization design flexibility
  • Dimension-free data exploration to enable users to interactively visualize data without constraints
  • Rich navigation and drilling. Responsive filters and displays
  • A guided experience through the data to communicate insights
  • Web-based interactive tools for business users and rich graphical enterprise designer for analyst users
  • Output in popular formats: HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • Use of visual JavaScript libraries like D3, Highcharts, and Fusion Charts along with native visualizations

Self service analytics: data exploration and discovery

Gives business analysts the ability to access to visualize, explore and analyze any data, and generate their own insights.

  • Increase productivity by drastically reducing reliance on IT
  • Facilitate collaboration between individuals and teams, and be scalable to support large, distributed enterprise workforces.
  • Immediate access to core data and self-service analytics tools to drive higher levels of efficiency and stronger business outcomes
  • Avoid data silos

Data mashup (data access and connectors).

Deliver the power of data mashups by connecting to a myriad of data sources and transactional systems.

  • Make deep data exploration easy, empowering users to quickly combine disparate data sources
  • Without custom scripting or requiring IT intervention
  • Users from across the enterprise can easily access data from analytical and relational databases, OLAP cubes, flat files, and enterprise applications
  • Data on demand capabilities
  • Ability to mashup database sources with in-memory sources

Single and powerful in-memory environment.

In-memory analytics opens up new possibilities that result from the huge performance gain that in-memory offers:

  • A faster environment for end–users to work with data: raw speed of importing and serving data to the user and handle it all on an in-memory basis
  • Simplify models for analyzing data
  • Flexibility in working with the data to answer both anticipated and unknown questions
  • Provide more interactive interfaces
  • Reduce overall solution latency


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