Data access from anywhere


Enable business users to instantly track the status of the business and access data from anywhere, anytime from any mobile device, tablet, or laptop.


Gain immediate access to the operational metrics they find most critical through simple, engaging and intuitive views.


Deliver business insights via personalized key performance indicators (KPIs) that empower users to see progress towards a given goal.

Extend analytics capabilities into Mobile dashboards/apps.

Provide a good experience for mobile phone or tablet users.

  • Design a guided experience
  • Use KPI charts to provide an overview of your data
  • Suitable visualizations carefully selected
  • Provide clear paths for navigating the analysis
  • Design your small screen dashboard to require as little selection, tapping, dragging, or other interactions

Share findings through email, SMS/MMS or social media.

Put analysis in the right business context, so individuals and groups can do more meaningful analysis, discover more important insights and make better decisions.

  • Enable business users to investigate, share and discuss a wide range of possible actions
  • Create workflows and run automated jobs to publish and share information through different channels
  • Easily embed analyses within corporate portals
  • Use social networking to leverage the insights of distributed teams


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